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Khan - Vale 8-bit - Digital Download

Khan - Vale 8-bit - Digital Download

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Khan's debut album 'Vale' re-envisioned as 8-bit video game music digital download. Released in 2020.

When purchasing this product, we're also offering a complimentary Bandcamp download code for this release so that you can enjoy the album in a variety of digital formats. Get in touch with your order form and we'll send you the code.

Track Listing:

  1. The Deluded 8-bit
  2. Break Off Your Shells 8-bit
  3. Wolves 8-bit
  4. Control 8-bit
  5. Separation 8-bit
  6. Vale 8-bit
  7. Slowman 8-bit
  8. The Drudge 8-bit
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